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Flexible, IT vouchers for a wide range of support needs

Work Unit Voucher Scheme – your global IT support structure

Our Work Unit Voucher Scheme (WUVE) is a highly flexible support structure and provides complete control over support services and expenditure. The WUVE requires an initial investment, but has none of the drawbacks associated with an in-house team, such as recruitment, employer’s liability, office investment, cars, phones, training, management and holiday cover.

By investing in CCE’s Work Unit Voucher Scheme your customers can take advantage of a highly experienced team providing a global service. By effectively outsourcing to a ‘support as required model’, the WUVE provides a highly flexible, cost effective solution to IT support.

The service has many of the characteristics of time and materials repairs but has none of the disadvantages such as poor service levels and high individual repair costs. Companies choosing the WUVE service benefit from a choice of responses, where the WUVE can be used across a wide range of support needs.

WUVE benefits

  • More cost effective than a full maintenance contract.
  • Better value for money than time and materials.
  • Fixed labour rates.
  • Equipment lists do not have to be supplied.
  • Guaranteed response times.
  • Can be used for loan equipment.
  • Flexibility & choice.
  • Call priority can be decided when logged.
  • The scheme can be used for other services not normally part of a support agreement.

Once a customer’s helpdesk has established a need for additional support, it will place a call with CCE’s call centre, choosing the service level that is most appropriate to the urgency and nature of the incident. The following service levels are available, depending on the urgency of the call:

  • Telephone remedy – free for hardware queries
  • Courier replacement – for low urgency turnaround
  • 4 hour response – for urgent repairs
  • Hire of loan equipment.

The service level required can be chosen at the time of the call. In addition to the standard hardware support above, the WUVE can be used as a ‘managed resource fund’ for purchasing additional support services including:

  • Remote site assistance
  • Additional engineering resource
  • Equipment hire
  • Consumable items
  • Ad-hoc installation assistance
  • Damage repairs
  • Software support hotline
  • Ad-hoc on-site network support
  • Off-site repairs
  • Preventative maintenance.

Please note some services may not be available at short notice and require advanced planning, for example a senior technician visiting site. With this scheme your administration time is significantly reduced. Changes to equipment, or warranty and expiry dates do not to be notified, and vouchers can be applied to any equipment. In addition, the location of equipment can be moved to different offices and locations.

All CCE asks is that it is kept informed of the position at the regular account management meetings, to ensure that equipment remains within CCE’s support capabilities and that the chosen locations can be supported.

The monthly reports that CCE provides enable customers to maintain complete control of their voucher fund. Opening and closing balances are clearly shown on the reports together with individual repair details for identifying equipment resilience issues.

CCE recommends that customers choose a standard, default service and that key personnel have the authority to raise the response level for more urgent repairs or other services.

A ceiling to individual repair costs can also be established, enabling customers to decide whether a specific item is worth repairing or not. This can be particularly useful with hardware nearing the end of its useful life.

The Work Unit Voucher Scheme is not intended to be a low-cost alternativeto traditional maintenance. However, because it is targeted at a company’s specific needs, it is extremely cost efficient. It is also in CCE’s interest to ensure your client receives value for money in order to build long-term relationships.

For hardware maintenance the call-out and hourly attendance rates are fixed in advance. Low urgency repairs can be packaged together, so that an engineer only visits a customer’s site once, spreading the call-out fee across the individual items.

CCE’s work is guaranteed for 90 days. In the unlikely event that a repair requires further attention, there is no additional charge during that time. In some cases manufacturer’s spare parts are warranted for 12 months.

The Work Unit Voucher Scheme provides further flexibility, by allowing the fund to be used for consumables and repairs caused by accidental damage, which, under a traditional contract, would normally incur extra charges.

If the fund is not fully used during the initial term, the outstanding balance does not expire but remains valid for 3 years from the moment of deposit. In addition, if the fund is used up faster than anticipated, additional vouchers can be purchased at any time during the contract term.

On renewal a customer only has to restore the fund to the amount used within the previous 12 month period. Therefore if a customer has experienced excellent reliability from its hardware, it will benefit from lower maintenance expenditure the following year.

Level 1 / Installation Engineer

Physical installation of hardware and basic configuration

Level 2 / Working to CCNA or equivalent

Follow Install script to connect devices to network

Level 3 / CCNA or equivalent

Installation and basic fault diagnosis of entry level switching/routing devices

Level 4 / CCNA/CCNP or equivalent

Installation and fault diagnosis of switching and routing devices, basic system design

Level 5 / CCNP/CCVP/CCSP/CCIP or equivalent

Advanced installation, fault resolution of complex issues and Pre sales support and system design

Level 6 / Senior Consultant CCIE or equivalent

Cisco Consultancy for system design or advanced fault resolution

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