Managed Print Services

Slash your clients’ print costs & improve their productivity

CCE Partners are offering a 3 month payment holiday…

With the disruption of Covid-19, businesses up and down the country have to deal with numerous challenges. None more so than “Remote working”.

If your customers have a Managed Print contract in place, they are probably paying for a committed print volume and hardware that may not get back to normal for weeks, if not months. This means your customers are paying for a service they are not using at a time when cash flow is critical. CCE can help.

We are offering a minimum 3 month ‘payment holiday’ for any new contract or restructure of an existing contract signed before the Government lifts travel restrictions. Contact your Account Manager or call +44 203 102 7072 to find out more.

Managed Print Services – Margin & on-going revenue with CCE.

Your clients can make significant savings by implementing a Managed Print Service with CCE. You can earn 50% of the hardware margin and get on-going revenue on print volumes.
All you need to do is sell it.

What is a Managed Print Service?

Internal printing is often badly organised, poorly controlled and very wasteful. MPS looks at the hardware, software and ‘print culture’ of your client and implements systems to dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiency. An MPS service treats internal print as a discreet, fully managed business unit.

What steps are taken?

CCE carry out a print audit and then make a series of recommendations including:

  • Hardware – Existing or new, we recommend the best printers for the need and not a one brand solution.
  • Software – MPS software is critical, managing users, departments and printer rights, as well as detailed reporting.
  • Culture – By understanding what the print requirement is, a whole raft of rule-based printing can be applied to the organisation.

Here’s why you should use us.


You get 50% of the hardware margin and 10% quarterly rebate of the agreed print volumes

Vendor Neutral

One partner for all the hardware and service, saving you large amounts to valuable time and giving real choice to your client.

You retain the client

If you use a single vendor, they roll out the service and own the client.

Printer fleet

We can do a full fleet takeover or replace from multiple vendors

Consultative approach

We are experts at reducing overall costs, and don’t focus on hardware sales


We have a full sales and service support team at CCE who have rolled out over 200 MPS solutions from global PLCs to SMEs

Service, support, experience

CCE are Service focused not hardware focused with in house UK support with 36 years selling and managing print solutions

Speak to your client

Speak to your client today about their internal print costs and how it is managed.

Call CCE for a Print Audit

Get CCE to conduct a free*, no obligation print audit and report back to the client with your MPS proposal.

50% of hardware margin

When the client accepts the proposal, upon completion of the lease, you’ll receive 50% of the hardware margin and 10% quarterly rebate of the agreed print volumes.~

*Subject to location. ~Subject to final commercials

Find out more

Find out more about how CCE's IT support services can help your organisation. Please contact our team on:

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