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Wireless surveys – designing & delivering WiFi networks

If your clients are relocating, refurbishing or need to improve wireless connectivity, conducting a wireless survey is vital. They enable proper consultancy & planning to calculate the deployment of critical WiFi infrastructure.

WiFi coverage, interference, access points and cabling must be professionally planned and deployed for maximum efficiency.

CCE have 15 years’ experience in conducting expert WiFi surveys and deliver the connectivity that today’s workforce and visitors demand. Such is the complexity of todays WiFi requirements, our site surveys cover several different aspects of LAN WiFi services to ensure your clients get exactly what they need. CCE site surveys will deliver a high level of professionalism to your clients whilst leaving you free to nurture more strategic relationships.

Our wireless surveys can cover:

  • Essential site survey for enterprise level connectivity
  • High density requirements with high user count and critical applications
  • Wireless health check and remedies for existing WiFi networks
  • WiFi and connectivity for staff with BYOD and a mobile workforce
  • WiFi security and testing
  • Outdoor and guest WiFi systems

Following a site survey, CCE can arrange all the deployment cabling and testing of the WiFi network, as well as provide on-going support and maintenance with our service desk and voucher scheme support plans.

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